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The Fountain of Love choir has performed various concerts and masses in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Holy Land.

The choir started its first tour in Europe in 2013. FOL was invited by the order of Betharram to France where it performed concerts in Pau, Bayonne, Lourdes and Paris.

In 2014, the Choir was invited by the Chaldean community in Germany to perform concerts in Essen and a mass in Antwerpen Belgium presided by the Chaldean patriarch Sako.

In 2016, the Choir performed a concert in Vienna in cooperation with Franciscan community, two concerts in Hungary as part of a cultural musical swap between the St. Angela Hungarian Choir and FOL Choir, which was organized by the Hungarian embassy in Jordan, and a concert in Sweden in collaboration with the musicians without borders organization, a Swedish NGO.

In 2017, FOL Choir performed concerts in Spain in corporation with Caritas of Spain and in Portugal by local parish priest.

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Fountain of Love: Jerash is New as it Hosts Andrea Bocelli

A September 18, 2017
Fountain of Love Choir led by the artist Tomeh Jbara expressed the pleasure and pride of standing on one stage with the legendary artist Andrea Bocelli on a unique evening, his first in Jordan, which took place on Monday and Tuesday evening, September 18-19, 2017.

The preparations for this event commenced over two months ago. Choir members comprised of 64 singers, apart from the orchestra, who are either university students or employees in various fields, demonstrated great dedication and hard work that is worthless to mention when affiliated to participating in an exclusive concert for a contemporary world-class artist as Andrea Bocelli, performing with him on one stage.
As mentioned by choir members: “we have conducted many concerts inside and outside Jordan, but this elite concert, which was fantastically organized by the Jordan Festival Foundation managed by Suha Bawab, represents a unique leap of high-quality in the history of the choir which, since its inception, takes the cherished appellation of Fountain of Love.
The legendary artist Andrea Bocelli, performed his unique concert in the main square of Jerash, which is characterized by ancient columns dating back for more than two thousand years known as the Oval Square.
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Fountain of Love Choir Performs its Evening Easter Concert

Thursday, April 13, 2017
Deputizing for HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, former Minister of Culture Jeries Samawi patronized the Easter Concert, held by the Fountain of Love choir, led by Composer Tomeh Jbara.

The concert held at the Melkite Greek Catholic Diocese of Umm al-Summaq, was attended by the Papal Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq, Monsignor Alberto Ortega Martin, Archbishop Yasser Al-Ayash, Archbishop Bassam Shahteet, Patriarchal Vicar of the Metropolitan, a number of accredited ambassadors to Jordan, and a multitude of priests, nuns of the monastic institutions, knights of the Holy Sepulcher, and the crowd of believers.
The choir presented a collection of masterpieces of paschal time, with the participation of a number of musicians, and the presentation of Ro’ya media delegate, Mr. Fouad Karsha.
While FOL Choir Theatre Team performed a set of representative scenes that embodied the stages of Jesus’ path of pain, crucifixion and resurrection.
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Mr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh sponsors Fountain of Love Choir Easter Concert

May 4, 2017
The National Orchestra of Jordan and Fountain of Love Choir performed Easter Concert on the occasion of Easter at St. Gregarious Church of the Melkite Roman Catholics under the patronage of Dr. Talal Abu-

Ghazaleh and the presence of the Minister of Culture Nabih Shakm, priests, ambassadors and members of the Christian community.
The joint effort came to demonstrate the continued integration between the Jordanian National Orchestra and the Christian community in Jordan in order to spread a message of love through a strong interfaith dialogue where the beauty of the Christian musical culture was displayed.
During the ceremony, Abu-Ghazaleh expressed his pleasure of the organized event and the audience. He said, "I am happy to be with you as we share faith in God and love, which is the most powerful weapon in the world that cannot be reconciled." He further expressed his sincere appreciation to the orchestra and Fountain of Love Choir, "which represents the fountain of great power." As Abu-Ghazaleh mentioned.
In his turn, Maestro Tomeh Jbara thanked Abu-Ghazaleh for sponsoring the event and gave a brief overview about Fountain of Love Choir establishment and activities.
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The Pope Encourages Fountain of Love Choir in its Spiritual Service through Word and Melody

April 27, 2016
Pope Francis encouraged Fountain of Love Choir in its "perseverance with joy in diverse spiritual and cultural avenues" through a message addressed to the President of the choir, Mr. Tomeh Jbara and choir

members, signed by Monsignor Peter Bryan Wells, deputy to the Secretariat of the Vatican State.
The letter stated: "Pope Francis received with joy the letter dated May 30, 2015, and the accompanying booklet as well as the praise CD “Jesus is the fountain of love." “His Holiness appreciates this good gesture and the sentiments that have led you to do it, and expressing his gratitude and appreciation for this outstanding work, he encourages you to persevere with joy in this spiritual and multicultural service."
The letter concluded by saying: "While His Holiness seeks your prayers for Him, He bestows with joy His Apostolic Blessing to the Fountain of Love Choir, president and members, a token of peace and joy in the Lord."
During the ceremony, the choir, accompanied by the orchestral band, performed: Jesus' public life, Psalms, Behold the Bride, O Lord, Pray for Us, The Crucifixion, medley of the funeral of Christ, Christ is Risen, Praise Our Lord, The Resurrection), and other hymns.
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FOL Choir Concludes Its Tour in Austria, Hungary and Sweden

August 18, 2016
Fountain of Love Choir performed a musical tour to Austria, Hungary and Sweden from July 29 to August 11, during which it presented the first Jordanian Oratorio entitled “Jesus the Fountain of Love”,

which incorporates the life of Jesus from Creation to Ascension.
The first concerts were held at the Franciscan Church in Vienna under the auspices of the Franciscan Fathers and in the presence of the Jordanian consul and a gathering of believers. The second concert was held at the Church of Saint Mittia in Budapest under the patronage of the President’s wife of the Republic of Hungary, in the presence of Bishop Maron Laham, the wife of the Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister and a gathering of believers.
The third concert was held in Tihany Peninsula under the patronage of the Benedictine Fathers, in one of the oldest churches in Hungary. While FOL choir presented the fourth evening in Stockholm, Sweden, organized by "Musicians without Borders" organization in the hall of Arc Ericsson.
It is worth mentioning that this organization is concerned with cultural and musical exchange between nations.
Members of the Hungarian and Swedish choirs will visit the choir in Jordan in October and April respectively. The choir has also received invitations for future concert events in Scandinavian countries. It is worth mentioning that Jordan Tourism Board accompanied the choir during the travel period to support tourism in Jordan.
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The inauguration of Mount Nebo Church - Pope Francis' envoy holds the first Mass at Mount Nebo

October 16, 2016
On Sunday, October 16, The special envoy of Pope Francis and the head of the Vatican's Eastern Churches’ Council inaugurated Prophet Moses Shrine Church in Mount Nebo, south-west of the capital, Amman, after being rebuilt.

The inauguration mass was attended by the Vatican Custodian of the Holy Land, Archbishop Francesco Patton, And the Vatican's Ambassador to Jordan, Archbishop Alberto Ortega Martín, and a number of priests and monks of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, in the presence of the Italian Ambassador to Amman and a number of dignitaries, while the songs of the liturgy were performed by Fountain of Love Choir.
Cardinal Sandri pointed out in his preach to the national celebration held yesterday, that today's Mass is an occasion to thank God for the new altar, in conjunction with the saints in heaven, especially with the Prophet Moses and other Prophets. He noted: “the mosaic floors in the church are only evidence of the rooted existence of the early Christians in this land, and in this context we commend the efforts of the Custody of the Holy Land and the archaeologists of their monks to highlight the richness of history.
The Pope's Special Envoy highlighted the spiritual significance of Prophet Moses life and how he managed to be a leader of the people through his strong relationship with God. He stressed his message today to political officials about whining and cries of victims of war and persecution. He said: “This shrine, which was reopened in the year of the Holy Mercy, is still a place where pilgrims learn about God's mercy and cry out against the interests of nations that prefer to preserve profits over the fate of people”.
The President of the Vatican Council of Eastern Churches concluded by preaching that this shrine should remain a place to live the spiritual experience with God, and his mercy that overcome sin and death, and to be a special gift to the beloved young people of the Middle East, bringing with it the light of life in peace in their countries, the peaceful coexistence of religions and cultures, the building of the common good, never resorting to violence and repression, or depriving a person of his fundamental rights to freedom and religious freedom.
Following the Divine Liturgy, a concert was held in which the new Organ of the Church "Nicola Puccini" was inaugurated, with the participation of an Italian musician and two soloists from Fountain of Love Choir, accompanied by the musician Tariq Al-Jundi on the lute, and musician Nasser Salama on the tambourine.
The ceremony, which comes as part of the “Holy Land for Organ Music” International Festival was attended by the Italian Ambassador to Amman Giovanni Baruzzi, along with US Ambassador Alice Wells, and a number of dignitaries and attendees.
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Religious Worship Evening "Love and Peace"

September 21, 2013
Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Hassan bin Talal, Fountain of Love Choir, in cooperation with the National Institute Orchestra, presented a religious evening of "Love and Peace" at the

Palace of Culture Theater - Al Hussein Youth City. The evening included religious songs and international music.
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Patriarch Fuad Al_Twal Sponsors The Launch of "How I Desire In" Album for Fountain of Love Choir

August 2, 2012
Fouad Al-Tawal, Patriarch of Jerusalem Catholic Church, hosted yesterday the opening ceremony of the Album " How I Desire In " for the Fountain of Love at the Palace of Culture Theater - Al Hussein Youth

City in Amman and in the presence of Archbishop Maroun Laham, Latin Patriarchal Vicar in Jordan and Archbishop Yasser Al Ayash Bishop of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, and Bishop Salim Sayegh. The ceremony was attended by a number of priests and nuns, and a wide Jordanian audience.
The ceremony began with the presentation of both media representatives: Marilyn Chakib and Ala Abbasi, followed by a short scene demonstrating human life, how it is separated by worldly preoccupations from the relationship with the crucified Christ for humanity, and how man returns to him after the life of sin and imprisonment.
Upon completion of performing the Album hymns, Patriarch Twal ascended to the Palace of Culture Theater, which was adorned with the images of the utopians John Paul II and Mother Teresa, and officially announced the launch of the Album "How I Desire In". In his speech, he said "The choir members enjoy the spirit of faith, enthusiasm, and beauty carried to all, we must remain steadfast in faith despite the voice of pain and conflict experienced by the Church in our time, steadfastness in faith is what helps us and strengthen us in our calamities.
At the end of the ceremony, the choir presented its plaques to Patriarch Fouad Twal and Mr. Wael Sleiman for his efforts in helping the choir, and thanked the media anchor Mr. Alaa Abbasi and all those who contributed to the success of this concert including decor design, expression movement performance and photography.
It is worth mentioning that the name of the choir is derived from the idea of love emanating from the hand of Christ, which is challenged by the spear that is the unmatched love to mankind, and "How much I desire to walk you towards heaven."
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Fountain of Love Launches The Arabic Version of The International Days Anthem of the Christian Youth in Madrid

June 28, 2011
The "Fountain of Love" choir in Jordan launched the Arabic version of the International Days Anthem of the Christian Youth in Madrid, Spain, with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI from August 10 to 21, under

the title "Firmly rooted in Faith".
The anthem which is published for the first time in Arabic, is a translation of the official anthem from the Spanish language:
Translation: Father Rodrigo Maranda.
Proofreading: Deacon Constant Evangelist Hayel Alamat.
Music distribution (Strings): Murat Demarjian.
Performance and Hymn: Fountain of Love Choir.
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Fountain of Love Choir Performs Christmas Carols Ceremony in Aqaba

December 16, 2008
On December 12, 2012, the Latin and Roman Catholic congregations in Aqaba, under the auspices of their Holiness Father Essam Zumout and Father Ibrahim Hijazin organized Christmas hymns evening performed

by Fountain of Love Choir and led by Mr. Tomeh Jbara on the Rosary Sisters School Theater. The ceremony included the Christmas hymns and other hymns composed by the choir, during which the audience felt the joy of Christmas and the thirst for the birth of the Redeemer.
The evening began by welcoming the choir and the audience, then previewing the establishment of FOL choir up-to-date. Subsequently, Father Ibrahim Hijazin delivered a spiritual speech about Christ’s birth, including the call to change and seize the opportunity of Christmas to repent and approach to God. The choir then presented a series of popular Christmas hymns and other songs composed by the choir with much enthusiasm and joy.
In the end, Father Zumout delivered a speech of thanks to FOL choir and the audience. The choir also offered thanks and appreciation to Father Issam Zumout and Father Ibrahim Hijazin for inviting the choir to Aqaba to perform this concert which had a significant impact on people to be prepared for the coming of Jesus. The Roman Catholic and Latin congregations offered gifts to choir members on the occasion of Christmas.
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