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Who is the Fountain of Love choir

Who is the Fountain of Love choir?

The Fountain of Love choir is a Jordanian choir that started during Christmas time in 2002 to perform Christmas carols. The first official performance was in Easter 2003. The Choir expanded over the years where it currently includes around 80 members, between vocalists and musicians of different age groups and from different denominations, including Muslims, united all together in seeking the purpose of glorifying Christ and honoring our Holy Mother Mary through music and chant.

The choir repertoire includes western and eastern classical, byzantine and modern chants, and since its foundation, the choir has performed in various lively concerts and masses in Jordan and all over the world. In 2013, the choir expanded further by establishing The Fountain of Love Choir House, and became part of the Catholic Council (See attachment for details). The founder and the conductor, Mr. Tomeh Jbarah has studied conducting at the National Music Conservatory of Jordan, and composed around 50 original musical pieces.

The Name of the Choir

The Name of the Choir:

Fountain of Love (Yanbou al Mahaba) is inspired from the everlasting fountain of love that flowed from Christs side pierced by the spear. We, as a team, pray that our chants be a fountain of love for others, to develop their spiritual life and to welcome God into their hearts through prayer in harmonious songs.

Explanation of the logo of the choir:

  • The hands: refer to Christ, who gives love to the world
  • The lightening Flame: the light of Christ that shines to the world
  • P X: A sign of peace and the love of Christ
  • The Cross: symbolizes the crucifixion of Christ, which denotes the death and resurrection of Christ
  • The spring (lines) symbolizes the constant flow of the love of Christ
  • Music Key: An indication to music and hymns
  • This logo is the expression of the spring of the constant love of Christ to the world as we express it in our music and hymns.

Fountain of Love choir Achievements

The Papal blessing for the first Jordanian Oratorio, 2015


    The Choir has recorded a number of original albums, 25000 copies in total, as follows:

  • Heal my Soul in 2008
  • Welcome Pontiff of Peace' for the visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to Jordan in 2009
  • In My Solitude You Are My Friend for the Beatification of Marie Alfonsine in 2011
  • How I Desire in 2012
  • First spiritual Islamic Christian concert
  • Bells of Peace on the occasion of Pope Francis visit to Jordan in 2014
  • God is love - 2018
In addition to the aforementioned albums, the Choir received a Papal Blessing in November 2010, a Papal Medal in April 2011 and the Melody and Music Analysis Award as well as a Papal blessing for the first Jordanian Oratorio in 2015.

The first Jordanian Oratorio

Fountain of Love Easter chior performance for the first Oratorio

The first Jordanian Oratorio (Christmas and Easter parts)

Our choir has recently composed the first Jordanian Oratorio, under the title of "Jesus the Fountain of Love", approximately lasting 2:15 hours, with 25 pieces, which focus on the Story of the Nativity & Salvation, and the Life of Jesus Christ. It was performed in Jordan for the first time in 2015 (Easter part) -2016 (Christmas part). FOL completed this work in 5 months which composed by members of the choir, with influences from liturgical music and arrangement by composers/arrangers from Jordan, Iraq, and Sweden. As many people perceive the Middle East to unfortunately be a place most often linked with violence and war, however this oratorio has proven that it can also be a place of musical creativity and innovation.

Thank you letter from his Holiness Pope Francis for receiving Fountain of Love Choir CD: "Jesus Fountain of Love" on May 30, 2015.

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